ACCORDING TO SARA BAREILLES, " It's a structure that's filled with broken bids and pieces, and somehow if you can look through them, you still see something beautiful. And I feel like we are all that way a little bit. "

    Kaleidoscope is also an initiative taken by me and my team of psychologists with a goal,  

    " Developing young generation with EQ skills, all-round development and balance." It's a two days workshop where all kids ( Age group 5 to 14 years) play  and learn together. 







                                                 1. Every group of 4 to 5 kids is facilitated by a psychologist or an EQ expert.

                                                 2. Every child works according to his talents and potential.

                                                 3. All children are fabulously invovled and participate innovatively in the workshop.

                                                 4. All activities are meaningful and objective based.

                                                 5. All important components of EQ are covered in the two days workshop. As Recognising Emotions, Understanding                                                    Self and Others Emotions, Percieving Emotions and Expressing them through various modes.

                                                 6. This is the initiative where no psychologist takes his / her remuneration.




                                                 1. Feeling of respect and acceptance for self and others in a creative manner.

                                                 2. Distinct personality qualities theirs and other friends in the workshop.

                                                 3. Emotions and how they play in life. What we can do creatively in conflicting situation.

                                                 4. Managing stage fright and expressing thoughts and feelings with peers.

                                                 5. Increase self confidence and social interaction with Leadershiop skills and team building.

                                                 6. Brain exercises and Volunteering for a social cause.




            Join with our goal. And send your child for the workshop. For Registration Contact: 8080888193, 9967343046








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